Teachers deserve a break, too. Taking care of your own well-being is just as important as taking care of your students' well-being.

We even partner with the teachers of the leaders of tomorrow, with our movement Hush❤️Teachers. We believe it's extremely important to work with these individuals, especially since teaching is a very stressful job, and we want to remind these teachers that they deserve a break too.

Hear it from other teachers

Coming to Hush was a great way for me to get my mind, body and soul back in balance. I
gave myself a moment of peace to get in touch with myself and connect with my inner core
through the practice of mindfulness and self-reflection. This experience has also allowed me
to break through the barrier of silence to connect with the deaf TeaRistas. We are different,
but we can be one – in this shared humanity. Thank you Hush for the calming, restorative
and incredibly meaningful experience

Lim Beng Mui

Vice President, Northlight School

Insightful! Thanks for the experience. I learnt that communication is a total package, we need to
pay attention to the non-verbal cues as well. We have to convey our message across in a single
manner so that all can understand.

Wang Ming Hwee

Vice-Principal, Maha Bodhi Primary School

We have interacted with people and students with special needs, the Hush team has
impressed me and feel we can do more. My colleagues have benefited much and we take
away with better appreciation of our senses.

Tay Lai Ling

Principal, Anderson Junior College

It was quite enlightening, an act of slowing down to appreciate people & self. Learning to give
time/energy to connect more deeply in others and self, soul searching & soul enriching.”

Santha Sukeiuaran

Vice Principal, Tampines Secondary School

Hush in other places

We bring Hush beyond the workplace as well. Join us as we bring Hush to other parts of society!


Work in high-stressed environments? These sessions are specially curated for working professionals who are feeling overworked. Take a breather with Hush as our Deaf TeaRistas lead you through the experience.


As future leaders of our society, the #YoungXHush programme encourages the younger generation to step up to practice and advocate for inclusivity and empathy in our society.


How often do you engage with the community around you? This session brings community members from all walks of life to to come together, share stories and challenge the notion of disability.