Each TeaMood Tells a Story. Your Story.

Cradle the cup of serenity.

Inhale the scent of nature's beauty.

Drink every story,

and begin your silent journey.

In advocacy for Deafness and Wellness, our TeaMoods are represented by 5 of our Hush TeaRistas, as Ambassadors.

These natural and organic teas are harvested from the beautiful hills of Sri Lanka, lovingly blended in-house, hand-packed with tender care, and completed with our Ambassadors’ personal stories of Romance, Quirkiness, Tranquillity, Intimacy, and Robustness.

Our standard pack (S$30) consists of a pouch of tea (50g), a signature Hush inspired reflection notebook, in an envelope inscribed with the profound stories of our Ambassadors.

Our premium pack (S$48) comes completed with a tea strainer.

Perfect for corporate gifts and birthday presents, customised orders include a personalised memorabilia, which we will work closely with you to craft, and a Tea Ritual card.

Hush TeaMoods

Tea appreciation is about relationships. The relationship with your inner self, between you and the tea, the tea ware, and nature. It is a quiet respite, that blossoms beautifully into a tender journey of internal peace and awareness.

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