Hush — A Silent TeaBar

Bringing self care and social inclusion to every workplace and community, with a cup of tea led by lovingly-trained Deaf TeaRistas.

Wellness and Inclusion, One Cup of Tea At a Time. Slow down, take a pause, and breathe.

We bring the Hush experience to different workplaces and communities, connecting the worlds of the hearing and the Deaf together. We invite you to join us on this journey of self-care, to take a pause, to breathe and reflect. Let us work together towards building an empathetic, resilient, and inclusive society. Be a champion of self-care and inclusion through this roving Silent TeaBar.

Be part of the movement​

As part of our mission to practice and spread inclusive practices in communities, the core team at Hush is led entirely by the Deaf and persons with or in-recovery from mental health conditions. Each session is carefully crafted, and human-centrically designed to fit your needs, completed with natural elements to create a conducive experience.

The impact of Hush movement


People Hushed & De-stressed


Deaf persons trained and engaged


Hush@Workplace Organisations/Groups

Thank you for visiting Hush. Unfortunately, our website crashed last year and we are trying to find resources to rebuild it. Please do visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information or email hush@hushteabar.com.

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